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Whatever I Feel ..

...you're gonna see it here

heyy all
heyyyy everybody check out my new COMM ... put in "interests" then type eLouai~~!! thanks

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ABBYZ! <333

How come you've only got one post here? Laaame~ j/k XD

Anyway, just wanted to say hi~ ^^


hehe i know... i wrote that entry the day i created my LJ which was a verrryyy long time ago 0_0 ... oh and hello to you too!! ^_^

HellO! You most likely don't know me but out of serious curiousity who is your default icon? It looks like Ryeowook from Super Junior but I'm not too sure. Thankyou!

lol its cool ... its sungmin and ryeowook ^_^ heres the original:


OMG *eyes explode* That is just...Wow! Ryeowook I never expected, Sungmin I have my concerns...But them TOGETHER?! *explodes* Thankyou for the clarification. Its quite an interesting picture...Thankyou!!! And hello again!

hehe ur welcome im happy to share the love <3333

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